Best App Widgets

Allows developers to integrate with third-party applications to pull data and enhance the applications' efficiency.

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One App Multiple Services

  • Get started in seconds with readily available integrations

  • Pick your favorites from the wide pool of available applications

  • Enables you to easily pull data from other applications through custom widgets

  • Make your applications feature-rich and powerful by improving overall user experience.

best app widgets

Custom Widget

You can pull data from other applications into your application by embedding custom widgets.

custom widget
add widget

Add Widget

Allows you to integrate data into your application by adding widgets from a library of pre-built widgets.

widget library

Widget Library

Our widget library contains widgets from over 190 applications for receiving data from them.



Make use of parsers to pull data from other applications into your application.

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OAuth Keys

OAuth keys is an authentication protocol that allows users to grant applications permission to act on their behalf without revealing their password. Tokens, rather than credentials, are used to authenticate users and grant restricted resource access.

oauth keys
multiple service providers

Multiple Service Providers

Allows businesses to connect with a variety of service providers from various categories.

oauth types

OAuth Types

Allows users to grant third-party access to their web resources using both OAuth1 and OAuth2.

authorization url

Authorization URL

Grants application request access to be redirected when user logs in.

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File Picker

File pickers enable users to select files from multiple sources in a consistent manner. You can choose files from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive.

file picker
minimum configuration

Minimum configuration

Configured to allow the user to choose the file type, location, and name.

cloud integration

Cloud Integration

Allows businesses to use cloud-based applications and data, increasing agility and flexibility.

easy implementation

Easy Implementation

Allows you to choose a file from a list and save it to the cloud.

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Playground offers developers a safe environment for experimentation, rapid prototyping, and the testing of new features in applications.

method of initiation

Method of Initiation

Can be easily added to applications by developers. Responsible for configuring the authentication system and registering any required hooks.

protected testing environment

Protected Testing Environment

A secure testing environment is critical for ensuring your data's privacy and security. Designed to improve tester collaboration and streamline the testing process.

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