OAuth Authentication

to log into third-party applications

Without disclosing their login and password to the third-party apps, users can provide third-party applications access to their data that is held across a variety of services and websites.

OAuth Authentication

Prevent Unauthorized Access to User Data

Protect user credentials from the server or resource they are seeking to access while enabling users to safely access resources without disclosing their credentials.

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oauth keys

OAuth Keys

Provides a secure way for applications to access user data from other applications, such as social networks, without having to store user passwords.

access control

Access Control

Provides customers with the ability to choose exactly the information and services they want the application to have access to.

increased convenience

Increased Convenience

Reduces the number of times users must input their credentials to access an application. This expedites and facilitates the authentication procedure.

What is OAuth Authentication?

OAuth is an authorization protocol that allows users to give third-party applications access to their information without having to share their passwords. OAuth works by allowing users to authorize a specific application to access their data without having to give it their credentials. This helps protect user data and privacy because the user does not have to share their username and password with the application. Instead, the application is given a token that it can use to access the user's data.

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