File Manager

to choose between one or more cloud storage services

Allows users to store data by selecting one or more files from a list.

File Manager

Enable File Manager

Users can upload files from their cloud storage to a web application using this feature. This useful feature lets users select which files to upload into a web application. By enabling file manager, web developers can improve their users' experiences.

File Manager leave note
minimum configuration

Minimum configuration

Configured to allow the user to select the file type, file location, and file name.

integration with the cloud

Integration with the Cloud

Allows enterprises to use cloud-based applications and data, which increases agility and flexibility.

simple to implement

Simple to Implement

Saves a file to the cloud by picking it from a list.

What is File Manager?

Users can utilize the file managerto consistently select files from multiple sources. They can be used to select files from local storage (such as the device's storage) as well as cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. It enables users to choose numerous files at once, which is important when dealing with huge file collections. When a user selects many files, the file picker will normally provide a thumbnail preview of each one to help the user identify them.

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