App Widgets

to quickly access important information

Quickly access the features and information of another application without opening it. Enables immediate access to frequently used functions and displays significant notifications, such as new emails.

App Widgets

Create Custom App Widgets

Develop custom widgets for web applications using the customized widget set of functions.

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add widget

Add Widget

Get your integrations to market faster with end-to-end support from a unified CRM API.

custom widget

Custom Widget

Check unverified users to ensure they are not bots or spam accounts.

widget library

Widget Library

Use our user-friendly file selection widget to always select the appropriate file.

What is App Widgets?

The file manager allows users to consistently choose files from various sources. They can be used to choose files from cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive as well as local storage (like the device's storage). Users can select multiple files at once, which is useful when working with large file collections. The file picker typically offers a thumbnail preview of each file when a user selects multiple ones to aid in file identification.

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