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I saw on Twitter that you’re looking for an alternative to {{competitor}}. Seems like you’re in need of something a bit more versatile and {{product}} does much more than that just track time.



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We started small like you and so, are committed towards your success. We built over 30+apps for your business to grow like fortune 500 at a cost of just $50/user.

1. All-in-One App Suite:
Offer an integrated suite of products for your growing business.

2. Enhanced Productivity:
Increase productivity. Allow employees to choose which apps they use.

3. No Feature Caps:
No feature caps! All features are available to all users.

4. Affordable Price Point:
Starts at only $10/user/app, capped at $50/user, allowing you to scale fast.

5. 24/5 Customer Support:
Free onboarding. Call, email, or chat 24 hours a day/five days a week.

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