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We are proud to announce the new entrant to our 500apps Infinity suite, Finder.io, email finder software that takes your prospecting to the next level.

With its AI capabilities, Finder.io verifies email addresses and also integrates with popular CRM systems so that you can bring your email list into action, anytime.

Priced at growing businesses-friendly rates, Finder.io is all set to help you to grow like the Fortune 500.

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What is Finder.io?

Finder.io is an email finder and verifier software that helps you find potential leads and verify them in seconds. You can also integrate the verified email list into your favorite CRM platforms to use them in your marketing campaigns.

Finder.io Features

Email Finder & Verifier:

Find one or multiple email addresses with the help of first and last names as well as the company name. Similarly, get your email verified in bulk or individually to authenticate email addresses and reduce bounce.

Domain & Company Search:

Identify the email addresses of key people and decision-makers by searching for company domain along with first and last names. Also, get information about all similar companies while searching.


Get a bird’s eye view of all emails found and verified so that you can be on top of every action, always.

Chrome Extension:

Pull email addresses from the pages and profiles that you browse through the internet with a free-downloadable Chrome extension.

CRM Integration:

Add verified email lists into your CRM software with Finder.io CRM integration. Major integrations include Hubspot, Freshsales, etc.

How to Get Started?

Visit Finder.io and sign up for a free 500apps account. Choose the pricing plan that suits you the best and done. You’re all set to get started with Finder.io.

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Who Can Use Finder.io?

Any Individuals

Email Marketers

Lead Generation Executives

Sales Representatives

What is 500apps?

500apps Infinity is the world's first all-in-one app suite with 30+ apps catering to different industries to help businesses grow like the Fortune 500.

Finder.io is a part of 500apps Infinity and helps businesses and individuals find potential leads, verify them, and add to their CRM system for effective campaigning.

Take Business to the Next level with Finder.io

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